Features Galore.

Designed for Vitality franchises

Paradigm has been specifically designed and built around the business model, language and structure of Vitality franchises. Paradigm doesn't behave like a regular CRM. We believe that off-the-shelf products restrict business operations and force companies to adhere to a specific way of doing things that doesn't reflect relevant operations.

That’s why we built Paradigm completely custom for one business model.

Address Book
People are at the heart of Paradigm. In the address book you’ll find all contacts that are associated with firms that are on your panel. Including RIs, administration staff and directors. A person’s profile contains all the information that you need, separated out into relevant sections. Some of these are: personal details, business details, family/spouse, additional notes, and a history of edits made to that person. You can also see the activity of communication between your company and the individual.
Firm Profiles
A firm profile shows details about a firm in your panel. You can view people in the firm, activity with that firm, business details, as well as the business consultants allocated to that firm for both health and life consultancy.
Keeping track of where you are and when is key. We’ve built a great calendar for doing just that, you contacts are available to join events to, and we’ll send out automatic meeting requests and reminders for you. Your Paradigm calendar will also sync to your phone/PC/Mac/iPad or whatever other calendar client you might have.
Add the appropriate networks to which your firms are panelled. This comes in handy later when we start to talk about Campaigns and syncing with MailChimp.
Team Chat
Communicate instantly with your colleagues over Paradigm Team Chat system. Create rooms for different teams or projects and collaborate effectively. Sometimes and email is just too much!
Keep track of your to-dos using your task manager. Set yourself tasks, create group tasks, have other people set you tasks! Paradigm will even set you tasks that it thinks you need to do, for example making contact with someone in your panel that you haven't spoken to in a while.
MailChimp Integration
Want to know what’s more useful than having all you contacts in one convenient place? Having that place sync all you contacts to MailChimp! MailChimp is an awesome tool for creating mass mail out emails, it has a great designer tool for creating the exact look and feel you’re aiming for. Simply open MailChimp and choose the contacts you want to contact. When MailChimp has sent the emails, it will then tell Paradigm to add an entry into the user’s activity log. When the user opens the email, or clicks on a link, we let you know that too!

The list goes on and on...want to know what's coming up?


We have a long roadmap ahead of features that we’ll be adding in the near future. Though we can’t be specific on dates and times, here’s just a few of our ideas to wet your appetite!

  • Sales IQ Integration
  • Native iPad app
  • More Information Reports
  • Further intelligent automation